10-Year-Old Colombian Girl Gives Birth (In Spanish)

10-Year-Old Colombian Girl Gives Birth! (One Of The Youngest Mothers) The pre-teen, from the remote Wayuu tribe in the La Guajira Peninsula, was given a Caesarean section at 39 weeks. During the pregnancy the young girl from the town of Manaure never visited a doctor. Sources said she arrived in hospital bleeding, in floods of tears and in "enormous" pain from the contractions. Doctors carried out the risky C-section because of her age. The mum and baby, which weighed just 5lbs, are "doing well" but are confined to the neo-natal unit of the hospital. But it is reported the young mum is refusing to breastfeed her baby. The case has led to criticism from the director of the unnamed hospital where she gave birth. Efraín Pacheco Casadiego said: "We've already seen similar cases of Wayuu girls.