150 Strangers But Parents Attend Funeral Of This Infant, The Reason Will Break Your Heart!

<p>Mya Edwards, a 7-month-old baby from Barrington, Chicago, was found starved to death by her parents &mdash; and 150 people went to her funeral to show her that, despite this neglect, she truly was loved.</p> <p>A distraught uncle, 30 Barrington Police Department members and 100 complete strangers attended the funeral, which was arranged by&nbsp;<a href="http://restinhisarms.org/" target="_hplink">Rest in His Arms</a>, a&nbsp;nonprofit organization that gives abandoned, dead babies proper burials.</p> <p>All parts of the funeral were donated, including the small white coffin and the pink roses and white baby&rsquo;s breath placed on top of it.</p>