5 People Raised from the Dead by the Power of God

<p>Many miracles happended because of the power of God. Here we list out 5 people who raised from dead.</p> <p>&nbsp;&lt;!-- pagebreak --&gt;</p> <p>1.&nbsp;A little boy dies in Africa and the village reaches out to a local CBN supported evangelist for a miraculous event...&nbsp;</p> <p><iframe src="../../embed/16529" frameborder="0" width="807" height="393"></iframe></p> <p>2.&nbsp;Dr Chauncey Crandall is a nationally renowned cardiologist who is not only a man of science, but also a man of faith. In this video, a patient who had no heartbeat for nearly an hour is raised from the dead when Dr. Crandall prays.</p> <p><iframe src="../../embed/16530" frameborder="0" width="810" height="408"></iframe></p> <p>3.&nbsp;See how Tony Davis was raised from the dead and miraculously healed after being shot 5 times as the result of a gang initiation ritual.</p> <p><iframe src="../../embed/16532" frameborder="0" width="807" height="436"></iframe></p> <p>4.&nbsp;See the story of this Ethiopian woman, who died, and was dead for 12 hours, and then was raised from the dead!</p> <p><iframe src="../../embed/16535" frameborder="0" width="807" height="421"></iframe></p> <p>5.&nbsp;A man in Seneca, SC had a massive heart attack, and died in the ER, and was dead for 45 minutes, and came back to life after the entire ER staff prayed for him!!!</p> <p><iframe src="../../embed/16534" frameborder="0" width="806" height="428"></iframe></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>