5 Ways You Will Be Mistreated

Jesus asks the church in Smyrna to endure what he endured for us in the face of persecution. He says 1) there will be tribulation, 2) there will be poverty, 3) you will be slandered, 4) there will be suffering, and 5) it could include death. Although it is hard, if you know Jesus loves you and you love him, you will be willing to endure for him. This clip is excerpted from the sermon "Persecuted in Smyrna: Faithful No Matter What," part #4 of our current sermon series, the Seven. It was preached out of Revelation 2:8--11 by Pastor Mark Driscoll to the congregation of Lighthouse Church in present-day Izmir, Turkey, the site of the ancient city of Smyrna. It was released online on May 6.