A Day in a Bird's Life - A Reminder of God's Grace - Inspirational Video

This video shows God's grace. One September morning, the quietness of the house was disturbed by a familiar thud. Another bird hit the window. Having been used to these occurrences, I usually ignore whenever that happens. But that particular morning, it was different. I was prompted to check. Outside, there laid this cardinal bird seemingly lifeless. I could have easily thrown it to the garbage container nearby, but instead picked it up and gently held it on my palm. At the same time, I was talking and praying in between my breaths. " Please don't go, and God please save this little bird." Slowly, the bird began to stir. I continued holding it until I felt it was strong enough. Towards the end, I was able to release the bird. As I went back inside the house, racing thoughts of how similar can our life be with what just happened to that little bird... Sometimes life's troubles can seem paralyzing, making us feel incapacitated and lifeless. But, we need to take heart, for we have a God that is greater than all our troubles. If we remain faithful, He promised in Isaiah 46:4 He will watch over us and rescue us from troubles. He is a restoring God. His mercies are new every morning.