A Girl Evangelist Preaches the Gospel at Global atheist Convention, Melbourne, Australia, 2012

The Global atheist convention was held in Melbourne, Australia, 13-15 April 2012. Key speakers included Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Dan Barker. Though men were raised up for evil, God raised up preachers for good. The gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord was preached to hundreds of atheists over the weekend, it was such an exciting and encouraging time to share our faith and see many atheists crumble in that while they don't believe in the One True Biblical God, yet they find themselves convicted over their sin, via conscience which they say they don't have. I pray this video can continue to bring the message of Christ to atheists worldwide and to every other needy sinner who stumbles providentially across it. Remember that atheists have more sins than unbelief towards God. May God shine His glorious Gospel light upon dark hearts, and expose that which is hidden. Finally - more female preachers are wanted in this day when women hide in trenches - and their husbands too!