A List of the Best 20 Family-Friendly Christian Movies

*Includes in-depth reviews of each movie, our scores and a link to purchase* Mommy Bear Media's Mission is to help educate parents and individuals by providing reviews, lists and ideas about the best family-friendly movies. We want to empower everyone to make an educated decision about what media to bring in to their home. We specialize in children, family, Christian and popular movies and tv shows. Movies in this video: Faith Like Potatoes Though None Go With Me The Frontier Boys Soul Surfer 17 Miracles Amish Grace The Blind Side Love's Unfolding Dream The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry Flywheel The Mission The Christmas Shoes Love's Long Journey Love's Enduring Promise Flag of My Father Gifted Hands The Ten Commandments Love Comes Softly Hachi: A Dog's Tale Stand Strong Disclaimer: We do not own the rights for the pictures or music. This was made for your enjoyment.