A Song for Mothers "Guardian Angel" by Leah West

Buy this song now: http://www.leahwest.com/downloads http://www.facebook.com/leahwestmusic http://www.youtube.com/leahwestmusic http://www.myspace.com/leahwest Written & Performed by Leah West. Song Produced by Marty Rifkin. Piano by Bob Malone "Guardian Angel" Lyrics VERSE Little baby up in heaven says to God "Do I really have to go?" God replies "Yes it's your time to leave But don't you worry you won't be there alone You see there's someone who's been waiting for you Quietly hoping and praying For your sweet and safe arrival Down on earth CHORUS Everyone is born with a guardian angel And on her wings she'll let you soar Higher than you thought was possible She'll love you and protect you like no other And your guardian angel has a name You can call her mother VERSE As you grow and make your way on through the world She'll be a softer light to guide you on your way Instilling bits of wisdom like arrows in your quiver To help with all the challenges that you'll have to face Rest assured that no matter where you are You'll be surrounded by her love A gentle support to help you keep your faith You're always in her heart and who she's thinking of Repeat CHORUS BRIDGE The sacrifices that she will make To put you first when everything's at stake How all that she's devoted Until now you never noticed She was showing you How to be a guardian angel too Repeat CHORUS