After Dad tells his son he is NOT a single lady, something totally unexpected happens!

<p><span>So my 3 year old. He apparently loves the song Single Ladies by Beyonce. Little did I know how much he loves that song. I was simply making a point that he, in fact, is not a single lady. I thought he would laugh and keep singing. Well he thought I was telling him to not sing the song.&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Man was I wrong.</span><br /><span>Notice my oldest daughter, in the center seat.</span><br /><span>That is LOVE.</span><br /><span>And I was looking at the road...not the back of my phone.</span><br /><span>You don't look at your soda when you are holding it do you?</span><br /><br /><span>Peace!!!!!!</span><br /><span>Los</span></p>