Amanda Bynes Singing Career! Wants to Tour!

Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean making Amanda's album! She wants to tour! - Subscribe Now! - Follow Us! - Send Deidre a Tweet! - Like Us! - Visit our site! Amanda Bynes Moves 1 Step Closer to her Singing Career! Well, I'm certainly glad that I'm here to talk about Amanda Bynes and it has nothing to do with name calling or drugs or anything like that—instead, we're gonna talk about her new goals as a singer! Yep, that's right—E! Online is reporting that Amanda is reportedly chatting with Wyclef Jean's team at Chinga Chang Records, about potentially collaborating on some tunes. The label's CEO Dan Herman is super stoked on it—he said, "Linking {Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean} will be something major...the album is going to shock the world." For those of you wondering if Amanda has what it takes, Herman assures us all, "She has such a great voice. Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does." Apparently, they're close to inking a deal and Amanda could sign with the label by the end of the week—it's all in their lawyers hands at this point. Oh and, I should also mention that Herman confirmed Amanda wants to go on tour, so if you wanna see her live, now you can. Now you gotta take it to the comments section and VOTE—would you buy an Amanda Bynes album? Do you think singing is a positive career for her right now? Post your thoughts below, remember to subscribe to our channel for all the latest on Amanda Bynes and other top celebs, and of course, enjoy your day! I'm Deidre Behar, here in Hollywood, thanks for watching! Hosted, Produced, Written By: Deidre Behar