Amazing 92 Year Old Teaches: "Don't Give Up and Don't Give In!"

he next time you say to yourself "I just don't feel like it" -- take a minute and watch this video. For over 40 years Tao Porchon Lynch has taught yoga as well as continue with her ballroom dancing. That is impressive in itself but more impressive is that Porchon is now 92 years old! It is breathtaking to watch this tiny lady bend and twist and float in air. After she had a hip replacement her Doctor told her she would not continue to have the same flexibility as before, however, her philosophy proved him wrong. Her beliefs are influenced by her upbringing in India but her philosophy is simple; "Don't Give Up and Don't Give In!" She says she doesn't think about aging. If someone tells her she can't do something she doesn't listen to them. Instead she is living proof of: Phil 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength!