You HAVE TO WATCH this powerful new music video version of the Black Eyed Peas plea for peace - "Where is the Love" - featuring a cast of young singers and contributors from around the world. Young singer Brittany Mercedes, who put this project together, says the catalyst for the new version had been the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary last December, and, more recently, the Boston Marathon bombings. But the larger vision is simply for peace. She says: "I shared this idea with a fellow musician and video editor who's also a friend of mine to help spread the love to this lost world we live in today. We did this for world peace, and we can only hope you all will join in on our ambitions to find the love in this world." "Thank you for watching, and for Everyone Matters for helping us spread light on these dark times. One world." - Brittany Mercedes Everyone Matters! The singers are (with their YouTube URLs): Khoa Nguyen Brooklyn Rose Brittany Mercedes Jessica Anbara Raul Reyes Jayd33 Ivan Ortiz Jun Sisa And the sign-holders are: Kelly Duffield Brian McComis Hazel Barrientos Phel Ionyx Mitch Blankenship David Bowman James Ibay Zatrianna Reyes Salvador Zestianette Reyes Salvador