Amy's Baking Company Owners: 'We Were Hacked!'

Their appearance on the FOX show "Kitchen Nightmares" turned into a real life nightmare for some valley restaurant owners. This Scottsdale couple is taking a lot of heat from people all over the country, and most of the hatred is spilling over online. FULL EPISODE: On Facebook, Darren Hakenson wrote: "It's impossible to make excuses for your behavior, that's why you can't make them!" And Anderson Grover wrote: "These people deserve EVERYTHING that's about to come on them." All that backlash forced the restaurant owners to close for the day fearing for their safety. But they opened up their doors for FOX 10. The owners told us it's been a constant barrage of negative comments since the show aired. But now another twist. They say their own Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked. After an explosive episode of Kitchen Nightmares last week, the owners of Amy's Baking Company and Bistro in Scottsdale -- Amy and Samy Bouzaglo -- say they have received a lot of backlash via social media and sites like Reddit. Thousands of negative comments. And it appeared Amy and Samy retaliated with posts of their own. Like this one, saying, "You are all little punks. Nothing. You are all nothing. We are laughing at you, all of you, just fools. We have God on our side, you just have your sites." But the owners insist it wasn't them who posted the messages. "We are bombarded our Facebook is completely paralyzed, our Twitter is paralyzed because somebody hacked it. The Yelp account is paralyzed because they hacked it," says Amy Bouzaglo. They say the hackers have taken over all of their social media sites. "We can't even open our front doors because people are coming gawking at us and taking photographs and really thinking that's how we behave." In fact, during our interview, two men showed up taking pictures of the restaurant. The owners say they have in the past retaliated against folks who leave negative comments on their sites -- Amy even alluded to it during the show. On the show, Amy Bouzaglo said: "We stand strong together because there's a lot of online bullies and haters and bloggers. We stand up to them and I think we are the only ones as restaurant owners, they come and attack us and say horrible things that aren't true." But, they said the recent rants were not published by them. "Don't believe anything that's being posted about us online, certainly not coming from us because it's not," Amy told us. The couple says they have contacted the local authorities and have also contacted the FBI regarding their allegations. They say they will be back open tomorrow.