Andy Stanley's Homosexuality Position in Question After Sermon "When Gracie Met Truthy"

A video excerpt of Pastor Andy Stanley's sermon "When Gracie Met Truthy" in which he included an account of a gay couple in his church has drawn attention from Albert Mohler who questioned Stanley's position on homosexuality in an op-ed titled "Is Megachurches the New Liberalism?" In the sermon, Part 5 of Stanley's "Christian" sermon series, the pastor tries to illustrate grace and truth by telling a story of a divorced couple who formerly attended North Point together. They separated after the woman's husband began a same-sex relationship with another man, who was still married to a woman. The man and his partner wanted to serve as volunteers at the church, but Stanley explained that the two men were committing adultery since one of them did not finalize his divorce yet and thus could not serve as volunteers. The "messy" story, as Stanley described it, ends with the gay couple, the first man's ex-wife and their child, as well as her new boyfriend and his child from another relationship, all coming together to worship together at a big service at North Point Church. The pastor refers to them as an example of a modern day family. Christians, he said, are called not only to hold on to the truth, but also to grace which includes forgiveness and love. For Andy Stanley's full sermon "When Gracie Met Truthy," go North Point's website: