Anyone who wishes – August 21, 2013

My children, are you following Me, My way? I call many, but only a few are willing. I force no one. If you wish to follow Me, then you must deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me. Not just some days or when you wish but every day of your life until the very end. Many give up to quickly and are not worthy of Me and My Kingdom. I call many, My calling and gifts are irrevocable. Few are willing and wish to be My servants. I force no one to be My servant and to do My will, but wherever I am there My servant will be also. I will reward each one for their deeds. I am the righteous Judge. I know every heart and all motives. Nothing can be hidden from Me. There are many whom I called, they started good but then they strayed, went their own ways, doing their own things or that of other people and still they think that I am pleased with them, while I am not. Let no one deceived you. I must be pleased with you. Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter into Heaven but only those who do My will. I will say to many in that day: Go away I never knew you, you who work iniquity. What will I say to you? That is all that matters. My children, anyone who wishes to follow Me, must be willing to deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Me, My way. Yield to My Spirit and I will guide and lead you every step of My way. That is the only way, there is no other way. There is a way that seems right but its end lead to destruction and many are on that way because they do not wish to obey and follow Me, My way. That is their own choice but they will also bear the consequences. Be willing yourself to serve and to follow Me. I will not fail you.