Are there Biblical Grounds for Divorce?

<p>Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Gary Barnes, and Debby Wade, MFT, discuss spousal abuse, focusing on the church's response to this issue, biblical grounds for divorce and God's redemptive power. 00:13 The importance of creating space in an abusive relationship 02:43 How shelters help facilitate space in an abusive relationship 04:18 Indicators that space is necessary in an abusive relationship 05:49 Advice for people in abusive situations who have been denied help 08:35 Advice for church leaders who recommend separation 13:52 Should spouses seek different counselors? 16:20 Divorce in cases where reconciliation seems impossible 20:51 Biblical grounds for divorce 26:42 Abusive relationships are not beyond the redemptive work of God 30:01 Advice on responding to the revelation of an abusive relationship</p>