As Ash Wednesday Begins, What Should Christians Prepare?

<p><img title="Ash Wednesday" src="" alt="Ash Wednesday" width="1100" height="650" /></p> <p>As Ash Wednesday begins, millions of Christians will begin the 40-day journey during Lent, preparing their hearts and minds to fully celebrate Christ&rsquo;s sacrifice and resurrection on Easter morning.&nbsp; Many will fast, give up favorite earthly possessions and/or give time to the less fortunate, all the while drawing closer to God.</p> <p>Easter Sunday has been known as the &ldquo;Super Bowl&rdquo; of church attendance. We all want to celebrate the&nbsp;<strong>greatest gift ever given</strong>&nbsp;to mankind! We find a new dress, new shoes for the kids and even maybe a new shirt for the hubby. And, when we walk in the church building that beautiful, brisk Easter morning, we can feel the excitement. &ldquo;<em>They found the stone rolled away from the tomb</em>.&rdquo;&nbsp;<em>(</em>Luke 24:2 NIV<em>)&nbsp;</em><strong>Hallejuah!</strong>&nbsp;As Christians, we can&rsquo;t help but get chills - lifting our hearts, minds and souls in praise to Christ Jesus.</p> <p>Now, what if, as Christians, we all joined in on this 40-day journey, vowing to prepare our hearts to fully accept the gift of grace on Easter morning? What if we simply asked God to help us experience an awakening over the next 40 days that would lead us to fully accepting His gift? What if we asked that He consume our lives with His presence and His will so that we can wake up Easter morning ready to experience His love in an amazing new way?</p> <p>We encourage you to spend quiet time with God, asking Him about your 40-day journey.<strong>Let Him guide you</strong>. Maybe He&rsquo;ll lead you to have a conversation you&rsquo;ve put off for some time. Maybe it&rsquo;s spending 15 minutes of quiet time every morning in the Word. Maybe it&rsquo;s as simple as giving up that cup of coffee on the way to work each morning for a while, remembering Christ&rsquo;s 40-day fast each day. Whatever your path may be, ask God to steer you every step of the way. And, then on Easter morning, as you are getting all spiffy for the big day, your heart may be singing louder than ever before.</p> <p><strong>Share this devotional with a friend by clicking below, and encourage each other over the next 40 days to lean in to God&rsquo;s unfailing love.</strong></p> <p>by Gini @ DaySpring</p>