Author Of Romance

This is a song God gave me during a season of singleness in my life. Every time I get lonely or upset just trying to figure everything out I sing this song and trust the Author of Romance, God. It helps remind me that He has everything already worked out, it's all in His hands, and He truly has the perfect timing. I've found that praying with faith and expectation continually as though God has already answered your prayer helps in so many ways. So, I pray this song touches your heart and leads you to trust God with everything that comes your way. He is faithful and loves you so dearly! :) (By the way, I know the song is still pretty rough, but I pray that it encourages and uplifts you in Christ even as I grow as a musician. The lyrics are below.) Verse: Beckon my heart. I am so afraid, but won't You beckon my heart. You whisper to me, TRUST ME, oh TRUST ME. You whisper to me. I feel You stirring in my mind. Yeah, I feel You moving in my heart. As You prepare me. I know You'll prepare me. Oh Beckon my heart. Won't You beckon my heart for You. Chorus: You say I'm the Author of Romance. Commander of your destiny. Creator of eternity. From Heaven I heard your cry. I'll beckon your heart, beckon your heart. My plans are safe. My plans are good. I delight in you My child. I'll beckon your heart, beckon your heart for ME. Bridge: We're dancing under the stars. Smiles aglow under moonlight. Delighting in this beautiful mystery. Hearts intertwined for a lifetime. Because God beckon our hearts, beckoned our hearts. Author of Romance Your perfect plan unfolds, You take delight. You've beckon our hearts, You've beckoned our hearts for YOU! And we wouldn't have it any other way!