Awesome! 18 Year Old Brought Beautiful Story And Talented Voice. TRY NOT TO CRY.

#TonyPatrony Don't say I didn't warn you. Try not to cry. A lot of us take what we have for granted. I know this is going get some comments from the inevitable YouTube assholes. But in this cynical world, for this family to find each other it's a beautiful thing. Regardless of how the producers put the show together this is still his story.

Jacob Curly is a young aspiring singer and musician who has had a tough trek in life. Jacob and his sister were given up for adoption at the age of five, and they bounced around through foster homes before eventually being adopted by a loving couple whom he now calls "mom and dad." Jacob has the heartfelt backstory, but does he have talent? When Jacob begins singing and playing guitar, it immediately becomes clear that he is a ridiculously talented singer.