Baby process from 0 month to 9 months

You can follow me on twitter @teddytrump This video is so amazing, the song by Vina panduwinata and the title is "Anak ku " which means "my son" , the lyric with english translation is below this.. I added the english subtitle so you can understand the words... Dedicated to all great moms in this world ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----- and the lyric to this song with english translation #1 Saat engkau tertidur * while you are sleeping Kupandangi wajahmu * I watch your face Masih inginku mendekapmu *Still, I want to hold you Masih inginku menciummu *Still, I want to kiss you #2 Tak pernah kusadari *I never realize Waktu cepat berlalu *time flies Kini engkau menjadi besar *Now you have grow up Kini engkau lah harapanku *Now you are my hope Tumbuh... *Grow Tumbuhlah anakku *Grow my child Raih... lah cita-citamu... *Go get your aspiration Jangan pernah engkau ragu sayang *don't you ever doubt, my dear Doaku slalu bersamamu *my pray will always be with you Membuat aman di hidupmu *to make your life safe Hm.... oh hoo... oh hoo... oh hoo... --go back to #2