Be faithful – September 29, 2013

My children, I am always faithful and you must also be faithful to Me and My everlasting Kingdom until the very end. You were all created for My plan and purpose and glory. You do not belong to yourselves anymore but to Me. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit. I bought you with the ultimate price, My Blood. I was faithful until death on the Cross. I am still faithful I do not change. I am the same yesterday, today and will forever be. I am always faithful to My promises, I do not fail. Trust Me and be faithful to Me and My Kingdom. I will work all things out for good at My time according to My plan and purpose for each one. Many are not faithful to Me, they only pretend but I know every heart and all motives, nothing can be hidden from Me. They fornicate with the world, they are unfaithful to Me, they deny Me. They are in enmity with Me and do not realize it. They think that I am pleased with them but I am not. You cannot love the world and Me. You must choose, separate yourselves and be faithful to Me only or you will perish. I do not change. I am holy and you must be holy because only the pure in heart will see Me and enter into Heaven. I have one standard of truth and righteousness for all. Let no one deceive you. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. Be serious, repent and be faithful and stay faithful to Me until the very end. If you withdraw, become unfaithful to Me, I will have no pleasure in you. Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord are pleasing to Me and will enter into Heaven. Be faithful because you will also pay a price for your faithfulness to Me and My Kingdom but great will your reward be in Heaven, stay faithful.