Be steadfast – September 07, 2013

My children, be steadfast in your faith and trust in Me. Do not be shaken, be steadfast. Let Me be your sure foundation. Build your house on Me, The Rock. Then your foundation will be good and you will not be moved by every wave and storm. You will be able to stand, to be steadfast no matter what you will have to go through, you will endure, overcome and be victorious through your trials, persecution and tribulation. You are able, because I am with you always, I strengthen you, without Me you can do nothing. Keep your focus on Me and be steadfast. Never lose hope or give up on Me. I am for you and not against you. I am in you and I am Greater than he who is in the world. No weapon formed against you will prosper. You must refute the enemy, your vindication is from Me. I love and I care for My beloved children. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Stay with Me and do not stray or give up then it will be all in vain. You must endure, press on in harder until the very end. Many lose hope and give up too easily because they are not steadfast in their faith in Me. They allow the devil to lie to them. They rather believe his lies than the truth, My promises. Do not fall prey to the devil yourselves, give him no foothold, resist him and he will flee. He will do his utmost best to get you to lose hope and to give up on Me. Be steadfast and continue to fight the good fight of faith until the very end. I am able to finish the good work that I started in you but you must stay with Me all the time. Let no one take your crown. Be steadfast.