Be strong, unmovable – October 28, 2013

My children, you must be strong, unmovable in your faith in Me in these last days. Let nothing move you or take you off course. Stay faithful to Me and My Kingdom until the very end. Many lose hope and give up too quickly. Your faith will be tested until the end. That is why you must be strong, unmovable and endure through trials, tribulation and persecution. You will enter into Heaven through much tribulation. Never lose hope or give up on Me and My Kingdom then it will all be in vain. Be an example to others so that they will also endure, persevere and encourage one another to be strong, unmovable. Put all your hope and trust in Me. Hope in Me does not disappoint. I do not fail. I work all things out for good at My time and according to My plan and purpose. All My promises will come in fulfillment at My appointed time. Focus on Me and My Kingdom and do My will as I guide and lead you by My Spirit every step of the way. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Be strong, unmovable until the end. Your reward is with Me. The enemy will try his utmost best to get you to lose hope and to give up. Do not fall prey to him and give him no foothold. Stay strong, unmovable in your faith, trust and follow Me every day.