Bear Eats Man In Canada

The BC Coroners Office has released the name of the man whose body was discovered Wednesday in a remote area near Long Lake Road, south of Kamloops. 54 year old Rory Nelson Wagner was last seen in Kamloops May 23rd. According to Kamloops this week Wagner was one of three men who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in relation to the death of a Langley man in 1996. His vehicle was discovered by hunters along this road and soon after his body was found partially covered by brush. A bear was seen in the area and is thought to have pulled his body from the car and then eaten part of it. A trap has been set by conservation officers as they try to capture the bear - but despite earlier reports the animal would be killed, we are now told the animal will be assessed and a decision made afterwards. The cause of Wagner's death is under investigation with an autopsy being conducted.