Bears vs Vikings 12/29/09 Monday Night Football Week 16

NFL Week 16 2009 - Vikings VS Bears Highlights NFL Week 16 2009 - Vikings VS Bears Highlights NFL Week 16 2009 - Vikings VS Bears Highlights MORE INFO BELOW! CLICK "MORE INFO" I do not own the rights to this video. all rights belong to ABC, ESPN and DISNEY Jay Cutler Bears Jersey: (link opens up in Brett Favre Vikings Jersey : (link opens up in Devin Aromashodu Rookie Card: (link opens up in Chicago Bears Memorabilia: (link opens up in Minnesota Vikings Memorabilia: (link opens up in GreenBay Packers Memorabilia: (link opens up in Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings 12/29/09, December 29, 2009, Last Monday Night Football Brett Favre Vs. Jay Cutler Bears beat Vikings! Bears defeat Vikings! Bears crush Vikings! Bears slaughter the Vikings! Bears kill the Vikings! Vikings almost win! Vikings come back from 17 down! Bears win against Vikings! Vikings lose to Bears! More Tags: brett favre vs jay cutler, brett farve vs jay cutler, brett farve week 16, brett favre week 16, vikings vs bears, bears vs vikings, bears v vikings, MNF, BEARS VIKINGS MNF, BEARS VIKINGS MNF DECEMBER, MINNESOTA CHICAGO MNF DECEMBER, MINNESOTA CHICAGO MNF, NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL WEEK 16, BEARS VIKINGS NFL, michael jackson, mikle jackson, mikael jackson, wacko jacko, spike lee, spike lee made michael jackson music video, micheal jackson, mike jackson, this is it, michael jackson this is it music video, janet jackson, nipple, breast, porn, sex sex sex sex sex, xxx, lil wayne dec 2009, lil wayne december 2009, lil wayne january 2010, lil wayne new music, drake new music, drake dec 2009, drake december 2009, drake january 2010, drake lil wayne new music, drake jeezy new music, drake birdman new music, lil wayne chris brown new music, obama rocks, obama sucks, palin rocks, palin sucks, sean hannity rocks, sean hannity sucks, sean hannity owned, missy elliot lil wayne, lil wayne pistols, birdman money power, nicole scherzinger pharrell, jason derulo, jae millz, ja rule, nathan florida, lupe beaming, drake pleasure, bone thugs roam, bobby valentino baby im coming home, jaicko fast forward, ne-yo shes a problem, young jeezy big dog, young buck raindrops, tony yayo dirty money angels freestyle, lil eddie earth stood still, jay sean, dmx spit that shit, wale bedrock freestyle, lil wayne december 09, lil wayne january 10, drake lil wayne december 09, drake december 09, obama, John Mayer, Wale, Letter, John Mayer Wale, John Mayer Letter, John Mayer New, Jon Mayer new, john mayer october 2009, john mayer october 09, wale october 09, jon mayer october 2009, jon mayer october 09, jon mayer wale new, john mayer wale new, wale letters, john mayer letters, jon mayer letters, obama, wale obama, wales letter to obama, sean hannity to obama, october 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st, november new music, new hip hop november lil wayne, weezer, shakira, nsync, backstreet boys, lfo, 50 cent, clipse, sean hannitty, obama, paranormal activity, brad pitt, angelina jolie, boobs, vagina, wayne carter, dwayne carter, weezer lil wayne lil wayne weezer cant stop partyin weezer cant stop partyin lil wayne weezer little wayne weezer wayne carter lil wayne october 2009 lil wayne november 2009 lil wayne september 2009 lil wayne cant stop partying lil wayne new songs lil wayne new october weezer new october, kanye west, rihanna, jayz, empire state of mind, alecia keys, jayz new york, jay z, jz empire state of mind, cheerios commercial, saturday night live, family guy new episode, family guy october 2009, simpsons 2009, simpsons new episode, THEY TOOK OUR JOBS, south park new episode, south park october 2009, south park, robby gould misses field goal, brett farve, brett favre, chicago minnesota