Bethany Hamilton Inspirational Video

Produced by: Soul Surfer, Shark Attack Survivor, and inspiration to many, Bethany's ability to never give up and follow her dreams despite her obstacles is highlighted in this video through some of Bethany's most famous inspirational quotes and pictures along with some great piano music by The Spirit of Seven that is sure to make you feel uplifted for the rest of the day! Be Your Own You has partnered with her in our Signature Series where together we've created some fantastic designs that are fashionable and purposeful! $7.00 of EVERY sale goes to Bethany's charity, Friends of Bethany. The Spirit of Seven creates music that inspires, heals, empowers, and motivates people to live up to their truest potential and follow their heart's dream. We thought it was a perfect match for a an inspirational video that recognizes a woman who truly does all of those things in her own life and encourages so many others to do the same!