JOIN OUR ZEEBOX ROOM: AND CHECK OUT MICHELE'S BLOG HERE: HEY BIG BROTHER FANS! Jon and I are back to fill you in on everything that happened on the feeds since Thursdays episode. So much has happened from the noms, to the POV, and even a surprise competition! Now, this show is different from our regular ones because it's not edited, and it's LIVE! That means if you are following us on Google+ or subscribed on YouTube you can watch us LIVE and ask us questions. Whenever something good happens on the live feeds we will put out the word that we are going to do a live show, so make sure you are following us. Aside from this "unedited" live show we will be doing weekly group recaps where we fill you in on everything you missed this week. We will be joined by other reality stars and maybe even you... more on that below. Finally I (Eric) will be doing my video mashup recaps each week too. They will be a quick way to catch up and have some laughs. Of course we will be doing prize giveaways and have some other surprises in store for you too all season long! As a matter of face there is one in this video, and some special announcements too! Be sure to use the chapter markers in the YouTube video for easy skipping around if you don't have time to watch it all right away. Just click the topics in the red flags at the bottom to skip to the topic you want... or the more specific links n the links above. You can also download it from iTunes or your favorite podcast play with the RSS feed, to take it with you on the go. HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW: Help support our show by signing up to the Big Brother live feeds! You get 24/7 live feeds access, special shows, and tons of features only available online. Already have them, then share our links or like us on social media! Sign up for the feeds or spread the word on social media: Our cast of reappears this episode includes: Eric Curto: Your reality tv junkie severing you up blogs, gossip, podcasts and comedic video recaps! You can visit my website to learn more about me. Follow me on twitter @RealityRecaps Michele Nieves: Your token twitter lesbian! Michele is from the Bronx and far from a real housewife. She is known for her outspoken personality and fan interaction. Follow Michele on twitter @UgotBronx Jon Richardson: Your source for a good LOL! Jon is local comedian in Seattle and just loves to dish reality tv. He also does a mean Big Ang impression! You can follow Jon on twitter @ComedyJonah WANT MORE RECAPS: Check out my Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor, Bravo & Real Housewives Recaps Here: BEFORE YOU GO... LETS KEEP IN TOUCH FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @RealityRecaps AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY RECAP PODCASTS IN ITUNES: OR SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE: OR YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYER WITH THE RSS FEED: YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME AT YOUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA SITE BELOW: Telly: Twitter: Tumblr: Google +: Pinterest: Facebook: My Space: Instagram: You Tube: