Biography of a Determined Man of Faith - Trailer - Nick Vujicic

Nick's epic story was set into motion the day he was born without arms and legs. He would have to face difficult obstacles physically, emotionally and spiritually as he forged a path through life. But along the way, Nick would discover the profound purposes God had in store for him all along. BIOGRAPHY OF A DETERMINED MAN OF FAITH tells the compelling story of Nick Vujicic, from his childhood in Australia, his struggle to fit in with his peers, his growing passion to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ, and his adventurous travels around the world. Through many turning points, cycles of despair and victory, follow Nick on a journey of discovery and faith. Featuring intriguing footage with family, friends, and dignitaries, as well as a behind the scenes look at his acting debut in Butterfly Circus, BIOGRAPHY OF A DETERMINED MAN OF FAITH chronicles the poignant tale of Nick Vujicic fighting the odds with an uncompromising confidence in God. Visit for more information.