Bittersweet Moment Turns Into Joy In God's Chosen Family For The Special Need Child

<p><span>A video interview put together at our church a while back as an awareness tool that a child with Down Syndrome is a blessing, not a curse. Don't hesitate to share this anywhere you think it will help raise awareness of what a blessing a child with Down Syndrome really is!</span></p> <p><span>The current abortion rate for a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome in America is 92%. We need to stop killing those that need us the most, those that are such a huge blessing to anyone that knows them. Choose love. Choose life!</span></p> <p><span>If you know anyone that has any questions about having a child with Down Syndrome, or is considering aborting a baby because they've been diagnosed as likely having Down Syndrome, please give them our contact info, or give us theirs. We'd love to talk with them.</span></p>