Brad Pitt Talks Jennifer Aniston on 09/22/11

The Moneyball star is continuing on his apology tour, this time telling Matt Lauer his Parade magazine interview was misconstrued and insists they are still friends Forget about Moneyball- On Thursday Brad Pitt was on the Today Show talking about Jennifer Aniston. First up- Brad battled back against the Parade Magazine article where he called his marriage to her boring. I don't know what was pieced together...all I know is my point was is to make sure my kids have a good mother. She doesn't deserve it. // Let me just read it- don't please don't...I don't read it on purpose. I live outside of that and it's a much healthier place to be. And Brad says while he didn't call Jen to apologize...he knows she understands where he's coming from. "She's a seasoned vet, a valuable person...we spent 7 years together." // "It's all a ride...I've got a knack for stepping into shit. And as for his performace in Moneyball as Billy Beane- the GM of the A's...Brad didn't want to talk Oscar Buzz just yet. Its too early to talk about it..all good fun when it comes up. Moneyball hits theaters on Friday.