BREAKING: Brawl Breaks Out During Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony, School on Lockdown - Ohio

(Fox News) Eight people, including two teenagers, were arrested after a brawl erupted at a kindergarten graduation in Cleveland, police said. Police Cmdr. Wayne Drummond said a fight between two teenage girls spread among adults and other teens in the crowd following a promotional ceremony at Michael R. White Elementary School on Cleveland's east side. No serious injuries were reported, but a hammer and a club were recovered from the scene, Drummond said. In all, six adults and two teenagers were arrested and will likely face charges of aggravated rioting. "It's a shame something like this would happen at promotional ceremony for young kids," Drummond said. "When people act like this they are going to jail." Roseann Canfora, a spokeswoman for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, said the fight took place outside of the school. The teenagers involved in the fracas were not students at the school, Canfora said, citing reports.