CCTV: Woman Throws Love Rival Off A CLIFF [ORIGINAL]

Cheating Husband's Mistress Reportedly Pushed Off Cliff By Wife: Wife throws other woman off cliff; husband walks away: Jilted Woman Tosses Love Rival Over Cliff. Furious wife catches husband with love rival... so attacks her and throws her into a ravine. A woman was caught on CCTV attacking her cheating husband's alleged lover before tossing her over a cliff. The footage from Arequipa, in Peru, shows cheating husband having a heated conversation with his mistress when out of nowhere his wife shows up. The husband, identified as Renezo Saavedra, quickly flees, leaving his enraged wife to have her way with his lover. Lisset Lupo Mamani is then seen dragging 25-year-old Sandra Bruna Morales by her hair toward the edge of a steep depression, The Inquisitr reported. She then pushes Ms Morales off the edge and down a 20ft-high drop. A few minutes later, the victim made it out of the hole and walked away. She was later admitted to a hospital with various lacerations and bruises. In a later interview the jilted wife said she didn't remember throwing the woman off the cliff, only pulling her by the hair, The Inquisitr reported. She said she was overcome with rage and regretted the incident. Meanwhile, she'd separated from Saavedra and asked him to provide for their four children but otherwise leave her alone.