CEO thought it was an ordinary work day, but all his employees shocked him in a most epic way possible!

<p class="p0"><span>I&nbsp;simply&nbsp;can</span><span>&rsquo;</span><span>t&nbsp;imagine&nbsp;what&nbsp;they&nbsp;did&nbsp;for&nbsp;their&nbsp;boss,&nbsp;if&nbsp;you&nbsp;know it you&nbsp;will&nbsp;be&nbsp;amazed&nbsp;too!</span></p> <p><span>For the past 11 years,&nbsp;Mark Sebba was the CEO of&nbsp;Net-a-Porter, but&nbsp;</span>he&rsquo;s now stepping down<span>. One day, when he entered the head office in London, his staff gave him a dramatic, hand-clapping welcome.</span></p>