Charles Stanley ~ God's Answer For The Empty Life

October 16, 2011 Has life ever left you feeling empty? Everything may seem to be going right. But if you're looking in the wrong places, fulfillment will continue to elude you. Many people go through their lives and never grasp why they experience such emptiness. +++ All for the Glory and Praise of The Heavenly Father ... Jesus is the only way to be reconciled with God. He is waiting to meet you today, whoever you are and wherever you are ... Do you know Jesus? This is a Charles Stanley In touch Ministries Presentation All rights pertaining to this video are owned solely by Charles Stanley In touch Ministries. This video is available for viewing and downloading on his public video Podcasts at I am sharing five of his videos on my Christian ministry to help bring lost and hurting brothers and sisters into God's church by establishing an intimate and personal relationship with the one and only true Shepherd of all mankind ~ our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dr. Charles Stanley shares acutely and profoundly the Living Word of God in a very easy to understand, heart rendered, and down to earth way. His insightful and timely messages are relative to all of our circumstances and situations we will encounter in life and Dr.Stanley's intuitive wisdom and Biblical knowledge can help us grow and mature in our personal relationship and faith walk following Jesus Christ. May you be blessed in some small way, as always ~ in all things Jesus, a brother and friend in Christ. @