Chinese Father Leaps Out Moving car to Save Child

Surveillance footage showed a father jumping out of a moving car to carry his daughter to safety seconds after she tumbled out of the vehicle at a busy intersection in China. Police in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, said the four-year-old girl had opened the door accidentally while climbing from the back of the car to the front. "I quickly went to take a look. It turned out that the child climbed from the back of the seat to the front while her father was driving, accidentally opened the door and fell out. When it happened, the taxi and all the other cars weren't going too fast, and the taxi braked immediately so it did not hit the child," said Wenzhou police officer Chen Shu. The father, without stopping the moving car, quickly leapt out of the same door to scoop her up off the road. The black car continued its course for about 10 metres before it hit a tree on the curb and came to a halt. Thankfully, the girl escaped the incident with only minor bruises.