Christian baby dedication song "He Gave Me You" written by Stephanie Marshburn and Dion Gaskins

For more information on this song, or for an accompaniment soundtrack (mp3 or CD), chord chart or the piano sheet music....please send email to Dion Gaskins at: Thank you! "He Gave Me You" Words by STEPHANIE MARSHBURN and DION GASKINS Music by DION GASKINS © 2010 BMI My heart began to melt when I laid my eyes on you With your hand in mine, you swept me away with your eyes of blue This tiny little package so small and so frail is a gift He gave to me, and I just have to tell God blessed my life when He gave me you And I promise to teach you about Him, and show you His love in all that I do This treasure on loan from Heaven is God's and His alone But He gave me you so I could give you back to Him So innocent and sweet, a reflection of God's love for me When I look at your face, I sense His embrace and feel so much peace How could something so perfect be entrusted to my hands And why He chose me, I'll never understand There will be struggles and trials you'll go through But He will always be there to carry you