Christian kids' songs, Jesus is my best friend, Christian song.

Christian kids songs, Jesus is my best friend, fun Christian kids' worship song. 'Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.' This is a sweet and fun Christian kids' song aimed at a younger audience for praise and worship. It's a song intended to affirm in children the fact that Jesus is always with them, and has always been with them. It's a great sing-along Christian kids' song with words and lyrics for worship on-screen, and it gets children worshipping and praising and singing about how they will never leave Jesus, as well as how Jesus will never leave them! We specialise in producing Christian TV and Christian Kids shows, as well as Christian worship music for kids and adults worldwide. 'Lord I know that you're never going to go, we're friends forever Jesus, Lord you know that I'm never going to go, I'm going to stay with you. Jesus, Lord you are my best friend and you'll be with me all the days of my life. When I was a child,just a baby, in my mothers arms, Lord you were there with me. Now that I'm older, and I'm growing every day, lord you are staying with me.' So all in all it's a kind of meditative worship song which reinforces the fact of Jesus' continual presence in our lives, and fills children with that truth and comfort with rhyme and song! It's just a great way of getting kids to worship and express a faith and to clarify some of the heart of what faith in Christ means to a little one. I think that primarily we should teach our children that everything good comes from God, and then that God never leaves us and is trustworthy and is always there for us. It's a very solid foundation for a young faith. All good Christian songs for kids. Needless to say the children love celebrating and worshipping God, it comes so naturally to them!