CHRISTIAN KIDS' TV, BE YOURSELF, Jesus loves you just the way you are.

Christian Kids' TV, Jesus loves you just the way you are! Show, God Loves us, be yourself! Christian kids' songs, and kids' worship music from Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson and UCB Media. Jesus loves you just the way you are, so BE YOURSELF! Mr Bon-Hovis from 'Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew' is acting very silly, trying to get his friends to like him more by acting like them! It's very hard for young children to learn that what they are is how God made them, that they are the way they are meant to be, and especially that what makes them different is what makes them special! When all most children want to do is fit it, Jovis Bon-Hovis shows us all how silly we look when we stop being true to ourselves to try and please other people, acting cool, acting like them, to get them to like us and accept us. We all do it, even adults for sure, so allow Mr Bon-Hovis to show you just how daft it is!