Christian kids' TV, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, GRATITUDE. FUNNY CLIP ABOUT LEARNING TO APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE. Christian kids' songs and worship music. Mr Bon-Hovis is acting like a grumpy teenager in this Christian kids' TV show clip from Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew. It just doesn't matter how blessed he is, Mr Bon-Hovis just doesn't seem to understand or appreciate it! In this episode of the Christian kids' TV show Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew, Mr Bon-Hovis is behaving very badly again, nothing is good enough for him, not even his friends are of a good enough quality! He really needs to learn to count his blessings! God gave us everything including his wonderful Son Jesus, and so it's very important for Children to understand that we should be thankful, and not complain all the time about what's not good enough for us! Yuck! In this clip from an episode in season One of the Christian kids' TV show, Mr Bon-Hovis is having a tantrum because the floor isn't slippery enough for him to slide about on like an ice-rink! Of all the silly things to complain about eh? Teach kids to count their blessings with Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew.