CHRISTIAN KIDS' TV, how to make a paper cube, a money box.

Christian kids' TV, Christian kids' songs and Christian worship music. How to make a paper cube, money box. Arts and crafts, making a money box with Jovis Bon-Hovis from the Christian kids' TV show Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew. There are lots of different elements in the full show, this is what's called arty crafty time! It's a Christian kids' show full of fun and adventure, with Christian kids' songs, adventure time, arts and crafts, stories and Bible study. Everything you could possibly want from good, wholesome Christian kids' TV which shares the love of Jesus confidently with young children in a way that's natural and fun. In this episode the arty crafty time slot sees Mr Bon-Hovis making a very special money box, one which is especially for saving up to buy something nice for somebody else! Unusual and fun!