CHRISTIAN KIDS' TV, The consequences of gossip! and KIDS GARDENING WITH MUM.

Christian kids' TV, The consequences of gossip! Also doing some gardening with mummy. Fun Christian kids' songs and worship music. Expect Christian kids' songs and all kids of fun wholesome TV in this show with gardening with little girls from Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew. Mr Bon-Hovis struggles with trash talk, bad-mouthing everybody behind their backs! He's not being a very good Christian today, and he gets caught in the act. Generally, this TV show is about looking at subjects that are relevant to Christian kids in their everyday lives, such as friendship, kindness, gossip, giving, Jesus, and honesty to name but a few. In this episode Mr Bon-Hovis makes a fool of himself by gossiping terribly and trash-talking against his friends, and them being overheard by one of the very people he's talking about, Mrs Bosanti-Crayco! There's also one of the regular 'through the window' sections included in this clip, where we get the chance to move outside the studio and spend some time with the Creation Crew kids! In this episode they're doing a bit of gardening and planting.