Christian Rock Music- On the Cross

On the Cross. This is a Song that I wrote about Jesus' work on the Cross. It explains that Jesus was not stuck up there with no way to save himself, but rather chose to stay up there and suffer so that you and I may enter into his Kingdom. During his excruciating slow death on the cross he could have very easily come down from the cross and wiped out everyone on this earth. However, he knew that there would be some that would believe on Him and be saved from Gods Judgment (An eternity in Hell). It was because of his Genuine Love for us who would accept Him, that he held fast to the Cross and completed the work that he was sent to do. New Christian Rock Song. New Christian Rock Song. New Christian rock song. new christian rock song. 2013. Christian Rock new Song. 2013. New Rock Song Christian. 2013. Rock Song new Christain. 2013. Christian music. Hughes & Laninovich. Fellowship through Christian music. Powerful Christian Message. He suffered for all of us. Praise. Testimony. testiment. Message. Salvation. The Word. truth. The cross. Redeemed. God The Father. Prophecy. Ministry. Ministries. Set Free. Jesus is Lord.New Christian Rock Song. On the Cross.Jesus Christ is Lord. One Way.NOW. now. Now. N.O.W. Rock of ages. Christian Rock Music Ministry. Jesus' Love. A Christian Ballad about Jesus. Jesus, who is the only way to the Father.Christian Music. Christian Rock Music. Worship. Salvation. Redemption. Savior. Christian Song. Jesus rocks. Jesus the Rock.