Christian Woman Confronts Shamed Thief, Tells Him "Jesus Loves You Unconditionally"

<p>10/28/13 - An Oklahoma woman shared a feel-good story with Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning. Jessica Eaves was grocery shopping, when she noticed her wallet had been stolen. She then approached the man she believed had done it. "I walked up to him and I told him that Jesus forgives me every day and that if he would give me my wallet back, I would forgive him and I would pay for his groceries. And I did," said Eaves, saying the thief's items only totaled $27. She went on to say that she usually doesn't carry much cash, but she knew "God was at work" in that situation when she counted $28 in her wallet. Eaves said the man was ashamed and embarrassed over what he'd done. Hear the rest of her inspiring story in the video above and let us know: would you do the same?</p>