CHRISTIAN WORSHIP SONGS, praise Jesus! Christian worship song.

Christian worship songs, praise Jesus! I am alive in Jesus Christ, Praise Jesus! New for 2013, I want to praise Jesus my Saviour all my life. Beautiful worship song about how Jesus saves us from our sins, Wake me up in the Morning, so I can praise Him! Beautiful new Christian worship song, original worship music from Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson. This song is about how the people who know they need Jesus the most are often the ones who can see Jesus the most clearly. Jesus came to save not the righteous, but sinners. Good thing too. Fundamentally this beautiful song is about how the Jesus' love and forgiveness can be most visible when we need salvation the most. When life is going just fine the need for a Saviour in Jesus Christ might not be at the forefront of our minds. But when we stumble in our Christian walk, when we need his amazing grace again to pick us up, dust us down and bless us with repentance and forgiveness, that's when the beautiful love of God is the most vivid and real. This Christian worship song sings a beautiful celebration song about how a Christian might dearly love to be always in perfect communion with God. I sing Lord, wake me up in the morning, shake me up in the middle of the night, I want to praise my saviour all my life. Let me never sleep until the time Jesus my saviour returns, give me plenty of midnight oil to burn. Then the song goes into a realistic confession; but I stumble. I find I've landed in dirty water. But I still seek your face Lord Jesus, and I persevere, and I've never seen the Son shining so brightly in my eyes as those long dark nights of my soul. I love Jesus! When we are in our darkest times, the light of Christ can shine brightest. Our need for Him makes evident the wonder of what He's done for us! New original Christian worship song by Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson. The sentiment comes from the parable of the ten virgins of course. I never want to stop praising Jesus, I want my life to be a kind of praise of Him. Amen.