Christian Worship Songs, worthy is the Lamb, Christian song

Christian worship song, Jesus is worthy, worthy is the lamb. About Jesus is my Saviour, I'll store my Solid Gold treasure in heaven. This new release Christian worship song talks about how the things we value in life change as we grow older. We learn to store our treasure in heaven as adults, and that a relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour is the real Solid Gold. Brand new Christian worship song release from composer and writer Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson. The roots of this new Christian worship song about how treasure being stored in heaven like the parable of Jesus is in personal experience. Worthy is the lamb! I've spent far too much of my own life self-seeking, and wondering why God wouldn't give me what I wanted. The song begins with me remembering how as a child I thought that my whole life would be transformed into perfection if only I could fly, and those desires might change as we grow up but we are essentially striving to feed our personal wants. I hope this is a catchy bit of Christian praise and worship music, I want people to sing 'I know what's really solid gold, to have and to hold my saviour Jesus'. The fact is that Jesus is worthy, serving the Lord Jesus is the most deeply satisfying and fulfilling way to live life, and this song is a Christian celebration of that Holy truth. We are designed as creative and able, and miraculously, we are able to produce as individuals more than we need individually. If we don't do that, and share and give, then we are not serving the Lord Jesus, we are still just trying to fly away as this Christian worship song says. My Christian worship music is getting quite a lot of thumbs down, in fact my favourite piece of music has 7 thumbs down compared to 23 thumbs up at present. This is a Christian worship song for faithful religious people who understand what's really valuable in life, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.