Christmas Songs for Children - It's Christmas Day (Marri Nallos)

Sheet Music of It's Christmas Day is available at: There is a free instrumental version of It's Christmas Day to download via It's Christmas Day performed by Marri Nallos is a new Christmas Song with lyrics that is great for children and adults alike. This alternative Chirstmas song is a contemporary christian Christmas song and Christmas ballad. Have a great 2013 Christmas! For more information on this Christmas Song please visit: There is also a very different children's choir version of this song by The Balfron Christmas Stars available to view here: A baby boy was born one day In a stable far away He nestled in a manger bed On straw he laid his tiny head (Chorus) It's Christmas Day all over earth let the bells ring out for Jesus' birth The shepherds came from near and far Guided by a lonely star The Wise men travelled night and day To Bethlehem where Jesus lay They looked upon that infant face Saviour for the human race So every year on Christmas Day We'll thank dear God in our own way Copyright-Dougie Campbell