Church Film School

Church Film School - On-Demand Video Production Course (The course will be available on DVD or you can watch it over and over online.) **UPDATE!!** We've had a lot of people ask us: Who is this for? 1. Churches and ministries who want to create professional looking video productions. 2. Any church with a great media team with no time or means to train all the new people. 3. Any individual who wants to learn all the basics of video production. **NEW PERKS!!** We've also had several requests to make individual chapters available so people can donate $20 and gain access to the one chapter that they need. The chapters will be over 30 minutes each and will cover one main topic. Any questions? See FAQ's at the bottom In a nutshell So many churches need help creating their videos. With a little bit of instruction they could be producing amazing, professional looking videos and short films. Many ministries are also on a limited budget and cannot afford to pay for an expert to come and teach their media team all that is needed to upgrade their productions. We have heard the outcry! *Christian filmmakers Andrew Manzano (The Sound Tank) and Dave Bode ( have teamed up for the purpose of filming an extensive video course specifically for churches and ministries. This campaign will pay for the filming, editing and distribution of the course and give the supporters access to the entire course for less than half the projected retail price of the final product. This video series includes all the information your church needs to create everything from moving testimonials and interviews to short films and skit videos.Since we haven't filmed it yet, there's no way to know exactly how long the course will be, but we are projecting around six hours of instruction. Churches need help creating media. In the last few years churches have begun using the medium of video to get their message across, but many churches don't know what gear to buy, how to light the subjects or how to get the emotion to come across in the way they intended. Most people in the congregation are used to a certain level of production from watching TV and movies, which is why the church needs to make sure that it's productions aren't so sadly lacking that they appear to be low-quality home movies. It makes the message seem less important, and that couldn't be further from the truth. We can show you how to get great results with just a bit of training. Some churches are blessed to have one or more people who come from a media or film background, and they are able to establish a level of quality at that church. This video training course is for all those other churches! If your church needs to really upgrade the look and sound of your media, or if you already create great videos, but you want your whole media team to gain the same mastery of the fundamentals, this course will transform your church media experience. If your pastor wants to create videos like the ones they have in the big churches, we can help that come to pass. How do we know this is needed? Have you seen some of the videos out there? Wow. Also, we get a LOT of calls and emails from churches and ministries asking the following: 1. What is the best camera to buy for what we are trying to film? 2. How should we set up our room for filming? 3. Why does our video look/ sound so bad? 4. Do we need professional lighting? 5. What are all the things we need to buy to make great videos? Our team can help. Dave Bode and Andrew Manzano are teaming up to produce this amazing video series. *Who are these guys? Andrew Manzano In 1994 Andrew Manzano began producing music for television commercials which grew into South Jersey recording studio “The Sound Tank.” Soon after Andrew launched the studio, super-producer Rodney Jerkins hand-picked him to set up and begin recording at his facility “Darkchild Studios.” His recording credits include Lionel Richie, Brian McKnight, and Tatyana Ali among many others. This led to producing songs for movie soundtracks for many different groups, including N*SYNC. Since then he has directed and edited music videos for some of the best acts in Christian music (including John Schlitt of Petra fame and 2010's Gospel music video of the year for Vickie Winans) Currently, Andrew produces content for and (under the name The Sound Tank), produces music for countless television shows and commercials, and is currently taking on many projects for feature films, broadcast television, web and radio. Dave Bode Formally educated in music, Dave Bode got his start teaching over 70 private lessons a week on guitar, bass, drums, voice, and piano. In 2006 Dave moved to Western NY to work as the church technical director of Elim Gospel Church, transforming their live audio, stage lighting, set design, and video production systems. Through this experience Dave has become one of Western NY’s leading experts on video and audio production. Dave now works as a camera operator, editor, inventor, motion graphics designer, recording engineer, and studio musician... He truly is the production Swiss Army Knife. In early 2012, Dave began using his knowledge on production and teaching background to create fantastic tutorials for the TUTS Plus network of tutorial sites while still working in audio and video production. Dave creates content for VH1, Discovery Networks, and national ad campaigns as well as inspirational videos that have been seen by millions. FAQ: What is an online course? Once the course is filmed and edited, the entire course will be uploaded and be viewed online by the participants. You can start, stop, rewind and replay any part at any time. Your church or organization will have access to the material for years to come. Can I get in on this if I'm not part of a church or ministry? Absolutely! This series is for anyone who wants to learn all the basics of lighting, sound and camera work without all the extra "junk" that can accompany many of the tutorials you find online. When you are watching the final course videos you can be rest assured that they will be clean, professional and very family friendly! Churches have very specific video needs that will be addressed in the course, but the basics will benefit any serious student of the subject matter. Can I get this for my church? Absolutely. Anyone who sees a need for better video production can donate and gift the course to their church. It is the gift that keeps on giving! Do I need to have previous experience in film, video or sound to learn from this? You could be as smart as a sea sponge and learn from this series. If you possess an understanding of English you're video skills will improve with this education. Should we have our equipment before we get this training? One big benefit of this course is the great advice on what equipment to buy. You could easily waste thousands of dollars on the wrong equipment. Wait to buy your equipment until after viewing that portion of the teaching.