Cirque du Soleil performer killed in Las Vegas show "Sarah Guyard-Guillot"

(CNN) -- A performer from the famed troupe Cirque du Soleil died in a weekend accident during a show at a Las Vegas casino, authorities said Sunday. The performer, 31-year-old Sarah Guyard, was pronounced dead shortly before midnight Saturday, the Clark County, Nevada, medical examiner's office told CNN. The cause of death had not been determined Sunday afternoon. The accident happened during the show's finale, said Cirque Du Soleil spokeswoman Renee-Claude Menard. During the scene, performers are suspended up to 50 feet in the air on lines controlled by wireless remote controls, according to the troupe's website. Guyard was born in Paris, specialized as an acrobat and aerialist and had performed for more than 20 years, according to a website for Cirquefit, which describes itself as a circus and fitness program for kids. The accident reportedly occurred during the battle scene which takes place on a vertical stage. She taught classes through that program. Parents of some of her students left messages on the group's Facebook page remembering Guyard. "No words. My boys loved every moment in Miss Sarah's class. Deepest sympathies to her loved ones," wrote one. "We will miss her terribly! She was an amazing teacher!" wrote another. Guyard, nicknamed "Sassoon," was part of the original cast of "Ka," the long-running Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM Grand hotel and casino, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté said in a statement issued Sunday. The show has been canceled indefinitely, and the company is "working with the appropriate authorities and have offered our full cooperation," Laliberté said. "We are reminded, with great humility and respect, how extraordinary our artists are each and every night. Our focus now is to support each other as a family, " he added. The title of the show comes from an ancient Egyptian belief in the "ka," a spiritual copy of the body that's with people in this life and the next, according to the company. Cirque du Soleil, which translates as "Circus of the Sun" from French, is headquartered in Montreal. It was founded in 1984. Las Vegas, Montreal, MGM Grand, Sarah Guyard-Guillot, Sarah Guyard-Guillot Dead, Sarah Guyard-Guillot Death, Sarah Guyard-Guillot Dies, Cirque Du Soleil Death, "Cirque-Du-Soleil-Ka" Entertainment News "cirque du soleil" "cirque du soleil KA" "cirque du soleil alegria" "cirque du soleil video" "cirque du soleil videos" "cirque du soleil Sarah guyard" "Today" "This week" "Last hour" "Video" "Videos" "News" "Breaking news" "cirque du soleil death" "cirque du soleil fall" "cirque du soleil accident" "cirque du soleil michael jackson" "cirque du soleil michael jackson vegas" "cirque du soleil michael jackson las vegas 2013" "cirque du soleil michael jackson fatal accident" "cirque du soleil michael jackson accidente" "cirque du soleil accidente" "cirque du soleil news" "cirque du soleil performer accident" "cirque du soleil Sarah Guyard Accident"