Daddy's Day (A Little Girl's Poem)

Daddy's Day (known as Daddy's Poem, A Little Girl's Poem and many others) is written by Cheryl Costello-Forshey. Unlike most versions, this is her original piece, where you can find it in two books: "Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul" or "Stories for a Teen's Heart" (pg 299). The music provided is "My Immortal" by Evanesance, because Youtube won't let me use "We're in Heaven," sung by Do. And it even had the little girls voice in it, too :( Anyways, I do not own the poem, nor the music. I made this video in respose to videos similar to this. Back in 2008, a video much like this with the song and poem was deleted, and couldn't find that particular video since. So here you go(=.