Daughter Surprises Stepdaddy with Porsche 914! His Reaction Is So Heartfelt!!

<p><span><span>When Dave decided he wanted to marry Kristin&rsquo;s mom, he knew he&rsquo;d have to make a difficult choice in order to give his bride the wedding she deserved. He needed to sell his baby: a&nbsp;1973 Porsche 914 2.0L.&nbsp;</span></span>Dave had no regrets in letting go of his cherished car, but deep down, Kristin knew how badly he missed it.</p> <p><span>For two years, she worked on concocting a plan to thank Dave for the amazing father he had been to her over the years. When he sees just&nbsp;</span><em>how far</em><span>&nbsp;she went to show her gratitude, this daddy totally falls apart in her arms, and it&rsquo;s the most beautiful and heartfelt moment.</span></p>